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About Squared Communications

Squared Communications is a leading boutique, strategic communications, public relations and political consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. with offices in Silicon Valley, CA, Seattle, WA and a strategic affiliation with UK’s Luther Pendragon in London and Brussels. Maximizing both traditional and breakthrough communication methods, SQ Comms designs and delivers winning message strategies through multi-media platforms for public and private corporations, trade associations, foundations, issue campaigns and coalitions. Our communications offerings provide clients with a wide range of smart, sensible solutions to the challenges posed by increasingly complex public policy and decentralized communications and media environments.

Every company, coalition, campaign and candidate has a story about why they make a difference, what they uniquely offer and how others should support or invest in them. Developing a clear, concise narrative to deliver the right message through the right medium at the right moment is part art, part science. Our expertise ranges across earned media, digital and social media, crisis management, political consulting, public policy advocacy and expert media and presentation training services for both top corporate executives and political candidates.

At SQ Comms, we love to help our clients be effectively heard by the right audiences to achieve maximum impact and results.