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Elliot Starts Up Seattle for SQComms

O'Dwyer, January 14, 2013

Sarah Elliott, communications director for Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer for eight years, has moved to D.C.-based Squared Communications to head a new Seattle office of the firm.

Elliott, who was previously on the press staff of Denver Mayor (now Gov.) John Hickenlooper, takes a senior VP title at VennSQ.

Schweitzer, one of the most popular governors in the nation, stepped down Jan. 7 after eight years because of term limits.

Michael Meehan, and veteran Democratic PR adviser and former chief of staff to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), is president and CEO of SQComms, which also has a Silicon Valley office in Menlo Park, Calif. Meehan said Elliott will head the firm's strategic communications capacity, bolstering its U.S. West Coast operations.