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Amy Klobuchar, New Hampshire’s surprise finisher, faces big challenges keeping her momentum alive, February 13, 2020

Los Angeles Times

Compounding Klobuchar’s challenges, she’ll be less able in the coming contests to deploy her skills at personal, face-to-face politicking — an edge that helped power her finish in compact New Hampshire.

“Voters in Nevada, South Carolina and on March 3 are not going to say, ‘I saw Amy four times and decided on the last visit,’” said Michael Meehan, a veteran Democratic strategist. “They are not going to get to see her more than once, if at all.”

Klobuchar, at her postelection party in New Hampshire, noted that she had been outspent, out-manned and counted out before, but had persevered.

“Tonight is about grit, and my story, like so many of yours, is one of resilience,” she told the crowd. She added, “We are on to Nevada, because the best is yet to come.”

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